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Welcome! This website was created on Oct 20 2006 and last updated on Apr 14 2016. The family trees on this site contain 938 relatives and 410 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Mara & Nick Ene Family Tree
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Although born in San Diego, California, USA, Mara and Nick Ene, both american  citizens, carry a blend of Romanian and Macedo-Romanian blood heritage. As  descendents of Costin Ene born in Bucharest as a full Romanian origin  that can be traced back to the early leaders of the nation and  Michaela Ene (born Magiari) who carries seven eighth pure Romanian blood and one eighth Macedo- Romanian blood, Mara and Nick Ene come to enrich the american  multinational pool with the vitality of energetic people developed in the  middle of Europe combined with the wisdom of an old and rich civilization. The completion of "Mara & Nick Family Tree" would not have been possible without the  invaluable information brought up by numerous family members either as written  documents or as narrated stories regarding ancestors, their marrital and family ties,  their occupation and their abilities.
 More and foremost, our thanks go to the dearly missed Simona Viorica Ene, a descendant of Sturdza  family, whose authenticated papers made possible tracing ancestors as far back as the  14th century, as well as to Adrian (Dan) Zamfirescu, whose irreplaceable written  information brought to life the old and perrenial existence of the family members born  in the very heart of Romanian mountainous region.
 Equal gratitude goes to dearly missed Elisabeta (Lila) Radasanu for the information regarding  Oraseanu family members, to Dr. Helene Demmer, born Papahagi, for her narrative stories about  some of the Macedo-Romanian ancestors and relatives, to Dr. Marin Ciobanu for knowledge regarding  Ciobanu and Vartopeanu ancestors, to Doina Ciobanu born Cristea for comprehensive addition of  information and photos regarding Kozak and Cristea ancestors and relatives, to Oana Zamfirescu,  born Dinca, for complete information regarding Dinca and Socol line of the family, as well as to  Professor Eugenia Coroi, born Barbulescu, for important clarification of essential family ties. Last but not least, our thanks go to the much regretted Thomas Anthony Primosch, who  left behind an unforgettable memory along with invaluable informative papers regarding  the Primosch branch of this large family tree.
 Visitors are invited to lecture the pages of "Mara and Nick Family Tree".  Corrections of the information on file, addition of pieces of information unavailable  at the time of editing as well as any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you for your interest in Mara and Nick Family Tree.

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